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By Cyrus Maroofian




A collection of selected photography

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who am i?


My name is Cyrus. I grew up in a family of half artists and half technical doctors and engineers.  This, I believe, gives me an interesting perspective when it comes to my photography and my art in general, I enjoy most outdoor activities, especially backpacking and camping, and surfing, so these are the types of things I like to shoot. I also love traveling and roadtrips and so I love being able to capture the places I travel too on film. Recently I have been photographing vintage cars. Something about the excitement of randomly coming across one of these ancient beauties parked just gets me so stoked to go out and shoot. But photographing people is my favorite. Being able to capture the personality of a person, whether it's a planned portrait or just a candid experience gives me such a rush. I hope I can inspire you to appreciate the beauty in the things that I love.

Why Film Photography?

Photography - specificaly film photography - has been an outlet for me over the few last years. It helps me live in the moment, and truthfully, there are times I have found myself forgetting how to exactly do that.  Shooting with film gives me a way to practice this art of living in the moment. With film I get  1 shot, 1 out of 36 (or 24) opportunities. I can't take 1000 photos of the same scene and hope 1 came out.. I need to be more intentional with each shot - more intentional with my actions. This is something try to translate into my everyday life.

Film has even taught me patience. We are all accustomed to instant gratification. You snap a photo, you see the results, post it - get likes.  With film I are forced to slow down - be patient. I have to wait until I finish the roll. Then, even after finishing the roll inside the camera I must now wait for it to be processed, developed, printed, and then comes post production - a whole new meaning to the idea of patience. Although I haven't mastered this patience thing yet, I know with more time, and many more rolls of film, that can easily change.

This website is a collection of my photos, capture on various types of 35mm film. These moments, experiences, projects, places, people, and loves - all have added to who I am today.

Thanks for viewing my work, and Please Enjoy


SLR-35mm:  Minolta SRT201, Nikonos II, Olympus RC 35, Olympus OM-G, Mamiya ZE-2,

DSLR:  Sony A7II



What I can Provide for you

Photo Shoots

I take photos of people and of vintage cars. All photos are taken with 35mm and all photo shoots include at least 1 roll of film.

Photo Books

I can help take the hassle out of making a fun and beautiful photo book! Send me your photos. I print all books through


Are you interested in high quality, beautiful prints to hang in your home or office. Check my portfolio and see what you can find!


Looking to create website for yourself or your business? I can help create a website for you, from a gallery to ecommerce. * Only

Please contact me For Pricing


Contact Me

Open to Collabs, Photo Shoots, Adventures, & Feedback

Thanks for contacting me. I will get back to you shortly.



Ventura, California

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