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Photography - especially film photography - has been an outlet for me over the few last years. It helps me live in the moment, and truthfully, there are times I have found myself forgetting how to exactly do that. More so during these times of isolation and negativity in the world.


Shooting with film gives me a way to practice this art of living in the moment. With film you get  1 shot, 1 out of 36 (or 24) opportunities. You can't take 100 photos of the same scene and hope 1 came out. You need to be more intentional with each shot.

It has even taught me patience. We are all accustomed to instant gratification. You snap a photo, you see the results, post it. get likes. But with film you are forced to be patient. You have to wait until you finish the roll. Then, even after finishing the roll you must wait for it to be printed, and then comes post production.

This website is a collection of photos I have taken over the last couple years. Moments, experiences, projects, people, loves - all have added to who and how I am.

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SLR:  Minolta SRT201,  Minolta HTsi Plus,  Olympus OM-G (RIP)  

DSLR:  Sony A7II



  • Photoshoots (Humans & Cars)

  • Photo Book CreatioN

  • Website Creation (Wix)

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