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The Water Crisis can be solved by ALL OF US. Everyone has a part to play, from the people receiving the aid to the people giving it. Understanding the different solutions that are currently being implemented and the technologies being used help give a more complete picture. However, donations and charity alone, simply won't solve the problem. There must be education implemented so that these solutions so that the solutions can be sustained in through hands of the people. This is the true solution.


There are 2 main approaches


Make water drinkable

In addition to drinking water, Lack of Sanitation is also a huge problem that contributes to the overall Global Water Crisis


Rapidly advancing technology helps the delivery of clean drinking become an easier task. Below are a few different technologies used to give people access to drinkable water as well as clean a current water source so that it can be drinkable.

ChemicaL Solutions

Physical Filtration

Water Wells & Pumps


This technology can be used to help give people clean drinking water, however to truly solve the problem, we must also educate and empower the people themselves so that the water systems can be sustained

SYSTEM Sustainabilty

Empowerment, education, and support

In order to create a water system that can be sustained, regardless of its size, it is important to remember a few important things:

Not every solution can work, make sure you research the area you are helping

Find a local leader or organization to champion the water project

WHen possible, leave behind any extra information or instructions

Be a resource. 

How you can help

Everyone can do their part! Here are some ways you can help right now

Donate To an organization

Donations aren't the only way to help, but they do go a long way and any amount will help!

Travel and deliver filters

One of the best ways to do you part is to travel and physically set up filters yourself.

Educate others about the cause

Spread the word! The more people who know the more people who can help.


Here are some groups implementing the solutions

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