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The Trials

Unlock the secrets of Star Wars Basketball by Passing the Trials and opening Foogam's Holocron. Only those strong with the force will be deemed worthy of downloading the Star Wars Basketball Teams and their Jerseys. 

May the force be with you.


Teams and Logos created by

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The teams in the league were made just for fun. While all the team concepts are original ideas, some of the logos and team names are taken from other sources. All teams are based on the Star Wars universe.

Star Wars is a trademark and copyright of Lucasfilm and Disney

Teams are created for XBOX. Not all teams have been created on NBA 2K21. In addition, of the teams made, only 3 of the jerseys are playable. Please contact me if there is a specific jersey you want to be able to play with and I can try to accommodate!

Special Thanks To Evan


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